Saturday, May 21, 2022

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    Is a messy eater a messy lover? Twitter wants to know

    Finding a compatible lover is about as tricky as finding the perfect watermelon. What it looks like on the outside rarely says anything about how sweet it is on the inside.

    Put another way, just because your date is a hottie doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to be as hot between the sheets.

    However, watching him eat might just give you a clue about what to expect for “dessert”.

    There are just some things that can get on one’s nerves when sitting down to eat a meal with someone. Especially if it’s someone you’re getting to know.

    There are the messy eaters who somehow always manage to get food all over themselves. The picky eaters will pick apart every dish on the menu. Then there are the ones who hate getting their hands dirty and insist on eating every little thing with a knife and fork.

    The list goes on. I’m sure we’ve all had some unpleasant encounters with eaters which put you off your food.

    But can one really tell what kind of lover the person will be by watching them eat?

    This is what Twitter user @tboseZA wants to know.

    He tweeted: “A new study claims that you sex how you eat. If you are a fussy eater, you are fussy in bed, if you like exploring the menu in the restaurant, you like exploring in the bedroom. Is this true for you? #YouSexHowYouEat”

    In true Mzanzi style, people were not shy to share their thoughts on the matter.

    Here are a few of the responses.

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