Saturday, May 21, 2022

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    Techno Spark 7 Pro, an entry-level smartphone device, impresses and offers pleasant surprises

    Choosing a cell phone these days is often daunting and a difficult decision to make.

    We are spoiled for choice with so many variations of the big brands and various options to choose from, to suit our budgets and needs.

    The rate at which technology moves these days makes one weigh up the value of a device according to functionality and specs. Mid range priced cell phones these days offer more affordable options with backed up key features that are worth looking at.

    The Techno Spark 7 Pro, which was launched in South Africa on September 16 as an entry level device, offers some pleasant surprises.

    The phone runs on an Android system which offers a familiar user interface and easy navigation. The outside exterior is quite attractive too. The first thing I noticed was the triple camera which is stylish and has been crafted with an aerospace level technique. These days we have many filter and editing apps available to enhance our pictures and the videos we take for social media. With a 48MP AI Triple camera it sure makes editing pictures much easier! The Techno Spark 7’s new AI (artificial intelligence) lens definitely brightens those shots taken in poorly lit areas.

    With the amount of time one spends on a phone these days, consuming news, watching videos, engaging in social media and various other communication methods, I found the Techno Spark 7 Pro easy on the eye with its screen size, resolution and as far as holding it was concerned. It’s height is 164.9 mm, width 76.2 mm, thickness 8.8 mm, 6.6” FHD with 720*1600 as a resolution and 90Hz Refresh Rate Dot-in Display.

    The Techno Spark 7 has a Helio G80 chipset processor ensuring it performs optimally. It also has a memory slot if you require greater memory than the 4 GB of memory and onboard storage of 64 GB to 128 GB.


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