Saturday, May 21, 2022

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    South Africans, be responsible travellers this summer holiday

    As cases continue to climb in South Africa – being responsible when one travels is paramount. Viral images posted on social media of people not adhering to regulations while out and about, has caused widespread panic among other travellers, some ditching their holiday plans as a result.

    With travel bans imposed on South Africa and lack of travel demand due to fear, many South African travel companies are slowly falling back into the pit of Covid-19 despair. Coupled with cancelled bookings and a bleak summer period compared to the previous years, many are praying for a miracle.

    Do your part

    Taking precautions goes a long way and helps you and others say safe. Mask-wearing should be second nature. However, there are still many people who do not heed the regulations. If you have the privilege of travelling, you should ensure that you wear your mask at all times.

    Mask-wearing protects yourself and others from contracting the virus. Keep extra masks in your car, bag or anywhere convenient in case you forget yours at home. Social distance is equally important.

    Maintain a 2-metre distance at all times while avoiding crowds and attractions that disregard Covid-19 regulations.

    Also, always carry a bottle of sanitiser wherever you go to spray when you touch any surfaces. Sanitising and regular washing of hands are ways to help prevent the virus. Lastly, ensure that you get vaccinated.

    Vaccines at the moment are a personal choice but could be mandatory in the future for travel and other activities.

    Don’t be fooled

    Responsible travel allows the industry to continue showcasing its travel gems. It is easy to get caught up in the travel process and forget that we are in a pandemic. Avoid large travel gatherings and opt for isolated destinations instead. And, if you have symptoms or test positive, stay at home to recover.  As tempting as the trip may be, it is not worth it.

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