Ubi Franklin Applauded For Rejecting A Juicy Bribe Deal In Order To Push The #JusticeForSylvester Agenda


Nigerian socialite and celebrity-manager, Ubi Franklin is being applauded for pushing for justice in the case involving the slain teenage student of Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni.

This disclosure was made known by Nigerian blogger, Cutie Juls and the post that the blogger made reads;

“#justiceforsylvesterjunior. I want to really commend Ubi Franklin for his support and standing on his grounds

One of the bullying families have been bribing a lot of people and in the course they reached out to him with juicy deals to use him as one of the main tools to manipulate the situation and blame it on Sylvester’s family but Ubi declined every offer and stood for justice for Sylvester.

As a human rights activist, I really commend Ubi.

It’s sad that some rich and affluent in society always find ways to interfere with justice.

One of their errands people they use categorically informed us how Ubi blasted him on phone last week and we couldn’t help but to applaud Ubi for his actions.

And to the Temile family, shey I told you guys that I go dey pour sand for you people over that kidnap story you were trying to cook. True to our words, we’ve succeeded.

Please no one in the Temile family has been kidnapped. They spread this useless rumour in last week but we made sure we beat them to their game.

If you doubt, please call Omawumi and ask her. Ndi ara”

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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