Saturday, May 21, 2022

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    The culinary creations continue: Tweeps cannot wait for Tito Mboweni to try his hand at making a whole fish

    It’s the festive season and almost every cook at this moment is looking for new recipes to whip up in their kitchens for themselves or for their loved ones.

    It is no secret that food is the cornerstone of the holiday season as it brings friends and family together to share memories, cultural traditions, and great flavours.

    Speaking of cooks looking for new recipes to try this holiday season, Tito Mboweni, one of Mzansi’s Twitter cooking sensations, will be trying his hand at making a whole fish.

    It was this week when Mboweni posted a picture of a whole fish on his page with the caption: “Is this how fish is done?”

    Thinking it was Mboweni who cooked the fish, tweeps started attacking him for the amount of oil that was used to make the whole fish.

    One user wrote: “Congrats on drowning the fish.”

    Another user wrote: “How come Twitter not ban these disturbing images?

    “ Blatant cruelty towards food should be regulated!”

    While a third commented: “Mr Tito I notice you love cooking but the results are always not on your side.

    “You know you can Google recipes on YouTube and learn how to cook the things you love to eat.

    “Good thing though; you are not ashamed to post your dishes!”

    After all the attack, Mboweni later cleared the air saying, “I only asked a question”.

    “I did not say that I prepared the fish.

    “I will try next week though.

    “Brace yourselves!!”

    And tweeps cannot wait to see him try his hand at making it because he has always been known to love tinned fish – so making a whole fish will be an experience for him and his followers.

    One user wrote: “Nearly thought you had a personal kitchen trainer, let’s see yours next week.”

    “If you can’t prepare the one in the tin that’s ready-made, how are you going to start with this one?” asked another user.

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