Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Brutal Fruit launches its first fragrance range

    We didn’t see this one coming, but Brutal Fruit, a popular cider in South Africa, is taking another spin by launching its first fragrance range.

    The brand announced that it is launching theYou Belong” fragrance, something crafted for Brutal Fruit lovers, and of course, those who enjoy a beautiful scent.

    It is a huge step because although most perfumes have alcohol, no alcohol brand has launched its fragrance range until now.

    Ramona Kayembe, marketing manager of Brutal Fruit South Africa, says with this new fragrance they want to remind women of their inner confidence and strength.

    “It may seem unexpected, a fragrance – but in actual fact, it makes perfect sense that we are fortunate enough to be able to bring our consumers such a unique offering, a scent which truly embodies and personifies that ’You Belong to Affect’.

    “We are so excited to share the ’You Belong’ fragrance with our South African consumers, and we hope that the narrative continues to resonate with everyone.

    “We stand firm in our mantra, and what better way to affect your entrance into a room or own a moment than with how you smell and how that scent makes you feel. The scent is simply incredible. We are very proud of this journey we are on,’ says Kayembe.

    The fragrance is blended with citrus and floral top notes with a middle of sandalwood, plum and peach, underscored by a base of tonka beans, labdanum and precious woods.

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