Florence Pugh Looks So Like Victoria Beckham With Her New Brunette Hair…


At some point in the second half of 2021, Florence Pugh decided she was going to go on a hair rollercoaster — a journey of cuts and colours to which we were invited. After trading in her signature long, blonde hair for a short brunette ‘do in late October, she appeared to go bright red for a hot second a month later, only to then show up on Instagram nearly platinum blonde in mid-December. But her New Year’s resolutions clearly did not include “staying one hair colour for a while” because she’s changed things up yet again.

In her Instagram Stories on Sunday, January 23, Pugh posted a couple of selfie videos, the first one indicating that she’s happy a new episode of Euphoria would be airing (because, duh, of course). “Euphoria day. Means smiley day,” she wrote over the closeup clip in which she’s playing with her still-quite-short hair. But while it remains somewhere in the haircut realm between bixie and mixie, Pugh’s hair has returned to a brown shade — perhaps her darkest ever. We get a good look at her septum piercing, too, which didn’t come without a bit of drama after she fainted getting it pierced. 

In the second video, Pugh assures her fans that her fun Instagram cooking segments would be returning soon, saying, “I am aware you’ve all been patiently waiting for a ‘Cooking With Flo,’ and I will do one next week.” She blows a kiss to the camera with darkly painted nails — but doesn’t address that we are also all aware that she’s got a new dark hair colour.

Instagram/Florence Pugh
Instagram/Florence Pugh



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