Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    Jeannie Mai reveals baby Monaco's gender

    Jeannie Mai has revealed she and Jeezy’s first child Monaco is a girl.

    The “Real” co-host and her husband Jeezy announced that she had welcomed their first child into the world earlier this month, and later revealed the moniker they had chosen for the newborn but decided to wait until now to reveal the gender of their offspring.

    On Wednesday’s episode of the talk show, the 43-year-old star admits she and her spouse were surprised to find out their first-born is a little girl.

    She said: “We were shocked, because everybody thought it was a boy.

    “I want to say to all moms out there the superstitions like, how high your belly is, and you know, what your skin is like, all those things aren’t true. Throw ‘em out the window, I’m telling you, none of them are true.”

    Jeannie admitted she is feeling “so overwhelmed” as she embarks on her journey into motherhood, but she can’t wait to start building the same strong bond she has with her own mom with Monaco.

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    She said: “That’s the part that I’m still just so overwhelmed with, you know. I can’t explain to you how many visions jumped into my head this moment I put that little girl into my hands.

    “I thought about my relationship with Mama Mai. That already, I can’t wait to have that bond with Monaco.”

    Jeannie wants to raise her daughter to be a “really strong, loving, empathetic, humorous, fashionable, fly, little girl.”

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    She added: “I also thought about all the things that I didn’t learn as a little girl, that I can’t wait to teach my daughter now. There’s just so many reasons why raising a little girl is such an honour to me.

    “I would have been happy with anything, but to have Monaco, I can’t tell you, I feel chosen. It’s emotional and I can’t wait to raise a really strong, loving, empathetic, humorous, fashionable, fly, little girl.”

    In a recent video tour of the tot’s nursery, the new mom explained the youngster was originally going to get a J name, but she and her husband ultimately decided to choose a more personal moniker, which pays homage to the place where they solidified their relationship.

    In November, the presenter told how she and Jeezy had decided not to find out the baby’s gender and insisted it didn’t matter when it came to planning for their new arrival.

    She said: “I don’t want to because I realised, how many surprises do you actually have in life? This is the ultimate one.

    “I want to have a gender-free planning with my husband. So everything that we are excited to do should apply to the child, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl.”

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