Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    WATCH: Why are TikTokers peeling raw eggs?

    TikTok users are peeling raw eggs in a strange new trend that is the most recent to take over the video and streaming app – and here is everything you need to know about it.

    This latest egg trend isn’t exactly food-related: Those with steady hands and the proper tools have been hopping on live to peel raw eggs.

    The trend, which has been dubbed the #eggpeelchallenge, has seen TikTok users challenging themselves by attempting to peel the shell of uncooked eggs while leaving the egg membrane intact.

    TikTokers use a variety of metal instruments to delicately break the shell and slowly remove the shell in pieces, which is just as eggs-hausting as it sounds. They have to be careful not to puncture the egg membrane.

    People are using tweezers, blackhead removers, and other surgical utensils.

    Videos of users attempting the challenge under the hashtag have garnered plenty of internet attention, with some individual videos reaching a million views.

    In one of the videos, a popular egg peeler on TikTok @btypep went about its course of explaining to new viewers what on earth is occurring.

    “The challenge of peeling an egg is to take a raw egg and peel the entire shell from the yolk sac without puncturing the sac and breaking the egg,” he mentioned. “It’s very ‘egg-strum’.”

    Detailing his process, @btypep makes use of spherical blackhead extraction instruments and surgical tweezers to slowly however certainly progress on very delicate eggs.

    “How do you start peeling? Okay, you tap the bottom of the egg lightly until it’s big enough to get the first little shell out of it. Then you slowly start peeling the egg.”


    Am I the Egg Master now

    ♬ original sound – Btypep

    It’s unclear where the raw egg peeling challenge started on TikTok, but it previously made an appearance on YouTube five years ago where surgeons and other medical professionals showed off their raw egg peeling skills – presumably to showcase the skill necessary for their profession.

    Experts believe that these types of videos satisfy and relax us, as we solely focus on this simple activity without thinking about the stress in our lives.

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