Clergyman David Ibiyeomie Curses Yahoo Boys And Policemen Who Collect Bribe (VIDEO)


David Ibiyeomie, a Port Harcourt-based preacher, has cast a curse on internet scammers known as Yahoo boys and the police officers who collaborate with them.

The acts of internet scammers were frowned upon by a priest who was preaching at his church recently. He claims that their actions have resulted in the death of certain people who have been cheated out of their retirement payments.

”Let me tell us these Yahooboys. Stop! I am a man of God. You kill people everyday. When you Yahoo somebody, it is stealing. Don’t quote it anyhow. It is stealing. Most people, all their retirement benefits, you take it and people die. I curse you in the name of Jesus.

It is a demonic, satanic way of getting money. Which kind of money is that? You are a thief. No matter how you colorise it, you are a thief. You love stealing! I curse the root of it. Do you know how many people you have killed? Scam kills people. Some peeople, the whole of their retirement benefit..You scam them and say you are buying car. What nonsense? You will get accident with that car!”

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Traditional rulers who bestow chieftaincy titles on internet scammers are likewise frowned upon, according to the cleric. Such people, he added, should be considered armed robbers.

He also cursed cops who release arrested internet fraudsters after accepting bribes.

 ”And to the police, all the Yahoo boys, jail them, arrest them. If you take bribe from Yahoo boys, that money kill you! That blood money that you take will kill you. You know why? They stole from somebody who died. You now collect money and release them. You and your family die with it. Police stop taking that kind of money” he said

Watch video below;



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