Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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    i-D magazine faces criticism for putting half-naked picture of Cruz Beckham on the cover

    i-D magazine is facing lots of social media criticism after publishing a half-naked photo of a 17-year-old boy.

    The gloss revealed the cover of their Spring issue, which features Cruz Beckham, the son of legendary footballer David and fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

    On the cover that was taken by Steven Klein, Beckham is rocking pink short, white boxer shorts, with his pants dropped below the knees and nothing on the chest.

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    Many social media users didn’t like the cover, saying it was inappropriate for the magazine to use a half-naked picture of a teenager who turned 17 on February 20.

    “The magazine cover/pictures posted of Cruz Beckham for his 17th birthday (so taken when he was 16 most likely) are f***in weird. What whacko thinks taking a picture of a minor with his trousers by his ankles is a good idea? I’ll give you a hint… starts with p and ends with do,” commented @P4lG3B0I.

    Another Twitter user, @_JessicaDavies, commented: “Are we all going to pretend that Cruz Beckham posing in his underwear on a magazine as a sixteen-year-old is totally normal? If it was a sixteen-year-old girl…”

    While some see nothing wrong with the pictures, it would be hypocritical to condemn such things from happening to teenage girls whilst enabling them to happen to teenage boys. Just like girls, boy children also need to be protected.

    “That picture of Cruz Beckham on the cover of ID reminds me of the time The Sun newspaper – 39 years ago yesterday – featured a topless 16-year-old Samantha Fox on Page 3. Young people have been sexualised in the media for a long time and often with the help of their parents,” commented @SoniaPoulton.

    However, if his parents approved the cover and see nothing wrong with it, unfortunately, there’s nothing people can do about it.

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