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    Connected and customised: How Samsung’s design philosophy is aimed at enhancing lives

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    Great design starts from an understanding of customers and becomes truly compelling when it becomes a seamless part of their lives. Samsung has grasped this concept and embraced the shift toward customisation, not just as a trend, but in fact in the emergence of a new paradigm.

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    Seamlessly aligned with this year’s International Design Day theme of Suspended in Transition, which asks designers to step out of their comfort zone, Samsung is clearly in touch with a world where consumers demand more from the products they use.

    With South Africans’ lifestyle aspirations evolving and growing more diverse, Samsung, which is a part of many people’s homes and lives, is capturing the imagination of the country with its approach to product design. It offers appliances that transform functional interiors into truly expressive spaces and mobile technology that powers everything that makes technology rewarding.

    Based on the design philosophy Inspired by Humans, Creating the Future, its design thinking prioritises consumer values beyond just technological capabilities and unlocks fresh ways for consumers to experience technology and innovation that makes life better.

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    You can see the design approach in Samsung customers’ homes, in the form of Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator, designed to be a part of a person’s home décor, reflecting their aesthetic preferences and elements of identity, from colour, configuration to the materials its built with.

    Samsung believes a focus on consumer experience should lead innovation from end-to-end. That’s why each business unit at Samsung has its own Customer Experience (CX) design team. This has led to products that harmonise design, hardware and engineering to offer optimised experiences and brand-new form factors such as the ground-breaking Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip foldable devices.

    Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip foldable devices.

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    These innovations along with its latest smartphones, versatile tablets and devices such as the Galaxy Watch connect seamlessly through the Galaxy ecosystem to bring the worlds of work, play, well-being and leisure together effortlessly.

    The companies approach is also focused on sustainable design, which has also led to innovations like Eco-packaging, which empowers consumers to participate in sustainable product packaging and reuse efforts actively and creatively, with all Samsung Lifestyle TVs now offering Eco-packaging.

    Core to Samsung’s product development is the commitment to creating products that seamlessly integrate into consumers’ lives without sacrificing aesthetics or capabilities. To do this, Samsung combines pioneering technology innovation with forward-thinking design ambitions to create new personalised product experiences that don’t sacrifice form.

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    With its range devices and appliances all integrated into the Galaxy ecosystem to make life easier, Samsung is dedicating itself to bringing an end to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

    They have also committed to making all of their current and future products IoT-ready in order to realise their vision for a more connected world. This is an approach that will continue to resonate with South Africans in a big way.

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