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    Google has removed almost 3.5 billion ads from its system

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    Google has removed almost 3.5 billion ads from its system.

    The search engine giant – which relies on advertisements and sponsors to provide free services or information to users – announced that it had removed billions of adverts banned millions of advertiser accounts from its Google Ads network in the interests of “safety”.

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    In their 2021 Ads Safety Report – released on Friday, Google bosses write: “User safety is at the top of our list when we make decisions about ads and monetised content on our platforms. In fact, thousands of Googlers work around the clock to prevent malicious use of our advertising services and help make them safer for people, businesses and publishers. We do this important work because an ad-supported internet means everyone can access essential information.

    “Our continued investment in policy development and enforcement enabled us to block or remove over 3.4 billion ads, restrict over 5.7 billion ads and suspend over 5.6 million advertiser accounts. And we blocked or restricted ads from serving on 1.7 billion publisher pages and approximately 63,000 publisher sites.”

    The report went on to explain that will soon be rolling out new features on their “About this ad” feature, where users can seek further information about an advert they have been shown and can report it if they feel it is unsuitable.

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    The report added: “We continue to roll out new innovations on features like our “About this ad” menu to help you understand why an ad. was shown, and which advertiser ran it. You can report an ad if you believe it violates one of our policies or block and block an ad you aren’t interested in.”

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