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    AirTag Alternatives: Here’s some tech to help find ‘forgettables’

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    Johannesburg – In recent years, the world of new technology has provided a range of devices to ease everyday life.

    That being said, you’ve heard of foldables, wearables, and even implantables, but what can you do about ‘forgettables’?

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    Yes, yes – while the term we’re trying to coin might not exist among today’s tech jargon, how often have you misplaced your earphones or other gadgets? Or even other traditional items, such as car keys, wallets, or purses?

    An AirTag pairs with its owner’s iPhone, which gets secure updates about its whereabouts through the Find My app. Picture: Jonathan Baran Washington Post

    While the era of ‘forgettables’ may have existed long before the birth of the smartphone, or any electronics for that matter – bluetooth tracking tags would have most likely even helped early humans of the Paleolithic period locate primitive tools they may have misplaced.

    Fast-forward to 2022, locating forgettables is even easier and while IOL might not necessarily help you find grandma’s ring, we can offer some suggestions to help make sure you know exactly where that jewellery box is all the time.

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    Tracking forgettables was made popular with the introduction of Apple’s AirTags. However, the tech recently made headlines for providing false alerts and notifications to some of its owners.

    IOL recently reported that a bug plaguing AirTags resulted in scores of users complaining of their own devices stalking them. In other cases, some experience their devices tracking unknown AirTags they may have come into contact with.

    While AirTags, which fetch a price tag of R599, seem very useful – what if you’re not a fan of Apple or don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device? Here are some ways you can keep track of your forgettables:

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    Generic Trackers

    Online stores stock scores of Bluetooth-enabled tracking tags or smart tags that can be used to locate electronic devices and even loved ones, like kids and pets.

    These devices work similarly to AirTags, however, research should be conducted thoroughly before purchase to ensure they are compatible with your devices and meet your needs.

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    Check product descriptions to ensure compatibility with your devices, uses of the product, as well as ratings and reviews from previous shoppers.

    While some of these trackers can be affordable at less than R100 from some online stores, bear in mind that not all of them will offer long-distance tracking and may only work within Bluetooth range. This means they will only help you find lost items in your home or car.

    Samsung SmartTag

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    If you’re an Android fanatic, Samsung has a premium solution for you. One of the country’s most widely used smartphone companies offers its solution to the AirTag, with its SmartTag.

    The tracker works similarly to the AirTag, most importantly, offering long-distance tracking and the ability to ring when you’re nearby. Samsung’s app for the SmartTag will also lead you to the item it is attached to, much like a GPS navigator does.

    Vodacom Curve Smart Tracker

    While it’s priced around the same as an AirTag, mobile network Vodacom offers its alternative in the form of the Curve Smart Tracker.

    While the AirTag’s watch battery will need to be replaced after about a year, the Curve’s battery​ lasts up to 7 days, and is dust and waterproof.

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