“I wish Liquorose is Tacha”- Nigerians Compare Tacha and Liquorose’s Calm Reaction Over Her Breakup with Emmanuel


Kemi Ashefon stated that viewers knew the ship wouldn’t survive long because Emmanuel had a lot on his plate in Nigeria and Dubai.

Kemi Ashefon also wishes Liquorose had been Tacha, who would have taken Emmanuel’s outbursts seriously and  also wished Liquorose would reject Emmanuel’s apology in front of the camera.

Many Nigerians who commented on the video agreed with Kemi Ashefon’s remarks, while others expressed disgust with Emmanuel’s actions.

She wrote;

I’ve watched this Big Brother Naija reunion video over and again.

I keep asking myself, ‘ why do most women fall in love with the wrong guys when all handwriting indicate on the wall that he’s not for you?’

Well, most ladies would see all the signals like Liquorose but still plunge into the ship, thinking he would change

From Biggie’s House, many knew this wouldn’t last..Brother Emmanuel is a fine boy with no pimples who has his hands full in Nigeria and Dubai 😂

We can see through Liquorose’ pain. We all know she would still go home and cry after the ‘I’m done’ she uttered.

But we pray she doesn’t accept his apologies when he crawls behind the camera to say, ‘I’m sorry.’

Wished Liquorose was Tacha and Emmanuel was Emmanuel…Ebuka’s tie would have fallen off



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