I Can’t Live Fake Life – Pretty Lady Proudly Showcases Her Roadside Noodles Cooking Business


The lady used Twitter, a famous microblogging platform, to announce that she sells Noodles by the roadside to the general public.

Queen shared a series of images on her social media profile of herself preparing noodles at her shop while wearing an apron.

Sharing the photo, she said she can’t live a fake life and her tweets have subsequently created a buzz garnering acclaim from Twitter users.

After her tweet went viral, many social media users appreciated it and congratulated and applauded her, with some cybernauts asking for her address so they could support her Noodles company.

She captioned the photos: “My job my pride”

Also talking about hustle, Nigerian socialite, Mandy Kiss nearly broke down in tears whilst addressing the public in a video as she laments over the backlash she has been receiving over her lifestyle on social media.

Mandy Kiss cried out over how people perceived and tag her as a promiscuous woman also called ‘olosho’ in local parlance.

Mandy kiss ruled out the claim that she is an olosho as she explains that everything she does on social media is a way to survive but Nigerians are taking it so personally when it is just content.

She said her persona on social media is just a way to put food on her table and feed her family and she is going through a lot at this stage of her life.

Watch the video below;



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