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    How To Stop Your Makeup Sweating Off Your Face

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    Is anyone else’s makeup sweating off? The hot weather is making everything hideously clammy and honestly, it’s not cute. 

    The only time I want my face to feel slippery, is when I’m fresh out of the shower. But I don’t I rate the sensation when I’m fully clothed and my face is slippier than a bowling alley. And, I’d guess my foundation doesn’t like it either, coz it’s mic-dropped off the bottom of my chin. 

    Summer’s finally arrived. The season we bitched about ghosting us is definitely, undeniably here.

    But, here’s a pickle. How does one appear professional in the office catch-up while sweating from every orifice? How to seem cool, calm and collected with your mascara’s melting into your eyebrows?

    As it happens, I do actually have an answer to that one. It starts with a decent concealer and it ends with a mattifying face mist. Allow me to run through the steps in between…

    1. Less is more

    If you’re peeling off layers like they’re going out of fashion, it’s time to apply the same theory to your face. Ultra heavy, long-wearing foundations may claim to be bulletproof, but they’re also often occlusive (they block air flow), comedogenic (they clog pores) as well as mighty claustrophobic in the sweltering heat. The truth is, sweating’s inevitable and your foundation will likely end up slipping off, so rather than fight the perspiration, work with it.

    Instead, opt for lightweight layers like breathable foundations, which though less long-wearing, are also less likely to make you overheat in the first place. Or use your long-wearing formula more sparingly.

    If you don’t need the extra coverage, forgo foundation altogether in favour of a budge-proof and waterproof concealer employed strategically just where you need it.

    And a secret weapon for evening-out pale-medium skin tones and adding glow, is a face tan. Apply it after you take your makeup off in the evening, make sure you blend into your hairline and wash your hands after, then wake up looking a bit more bronzy and skip extra coverage. To keep the guide colour from transferring, transparent formulas are a great option.

    2. Play around with the finish of your foundation

    If you prefer to stick with a foundation, consider its finish. Dewy and sheeny textures may well work for spring, but on very sweaty days, try switching to a slightly more matte (or semi-matte) finish. The inevitable oils from your face will help to add its own natural sheen anyway, so best to start with something slightly less glossy so you don’t end up looking shiny later in the day.

    3. Waterproof is the way forward

    Smudgy textures are sultry in winter, but they’re not the one for summer. When it comes to your brows, lashes and even eyeshadow, opt for crisp waterproof formulas that won’t melt and will stay put in the heat.

    4. Step away from the highlighter

    Sunshine helps to bring out the best in highlighter, catching the light-reflective particles and making it glow. A little is pretty. Too much means disco ball cheeks on an already slippery-skinned day. Not a good look. So avoid going in too heavy with it. Caution: It will end up sliding south anyway.

    5. A mattifying mist is your best friend

    There’s nothing like a refreshing mist on a mega hot day. They’ll help to calm redness, clammy cheeks and quite possibly, fraying tempers. So, why not double up on function and choose one that’s mattifying and can help to set your base in place to stop your makeup sweating off? Gotta love a multi-tasker.

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