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    A closer look at Korean glass skin routine and how to achieve it

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    Korean beauty standards were unknown to the rest of the world until the “Hallyu wave,” also known as the “Korean wave”, infiltrated almost every major market in the world, the growing demand for Korean beauty products is ever increasing.

    Here’s a step-by-step procedure for achieving the Korean glass skin.

    Step one is to double cleanse our faces

    Whether we go out a lot, wear make-up or do neither, we accumulate dirt on our faces throughout the day.

    According to Korean beauty standards, we need to double cleanse our faces with an oil-based product that helps remove all make-up and dirt. This should be followed by a gentle cleansing foam that removes dirt and sweat.

    Exfoliation is the second step

    While it helps smooth the skin, however, most skin experts advise against overdoing it.


    To hydrate dry, flaky skin, the third step skin is to tone with the right product and the right amount of low PH levels.


    The fourth step is to focus on skin issues such as wrinkles, redness and uneven skin tone. You can also use an essence which is watery and lighter than serum.


    To avoid clogging pores and absorbing other skincare products, apply serum all over the face. Sheet masks soaked in serum instantly hydrates the skin and gives a magical glow.

    Eye cream

    The skin around under our eyes is thin and its ability to renew itself diminishes as we age, make it more more susceptible to wrinkles than any other part of our body. As a result, under-eye cream is essential to get rid of bags under your eyes.


    The moisturising step, like the basic skincare routine, is recommended to prevent your skin from drying out.


    We can’t say it enough: SPF! SPF! SPF! Even on cloudy days or when inside, it is recommended that we apply SPF to prevent ageing.

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