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    Confusion As Airport Staff Refuse To Release Passengers’ Luggage In Protest Over Unpaid Salary (Video)

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    The Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos State was rocked by a ruckus when airport employees refused to release travelers’ luggage in protest over unpaid salary.

    According to eyewitness accounts, the airport personnel had not been paid for 6 months, forcing them to take dramatic measures.

    The tourists were seen waiting at the baggage reclaim area to receive their luggage in the footage, which has now gained traction, but the airport employees kept telling them to step back.

    One of the guests attempting to regain his luggage claimed that anyone who tapes the incident will not be able to retrieve their belongings.

    Watch the video below;

    Reacting to the incident okene said; People that you will beat to the plane mercilessly and collect your luggages, you are making video.

    ojualapeperfectvibes; Get your PVC vote the right person and let’s hope for a new Nigeria! Finish! This is the time to get sense. Period!

    mrsjayuzoma wrote; Nawao for Nigeria. They should pay people salary from the flight money that passengers are paying.. nawaooo.. Is it volunteer work?

    newmephoenix said; What a country? Are these passengers the ones who employed the staff? We understand the government hasn’t paid them for 6 months. I want to believe there are better ways than holding down passengers luggage!! Y’all have the right to sue the airport 😡 What audacity!!!!

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