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    4 tips that should be part of your haircare routine

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    It’s officially winter, and the cold winds are coming in strong. For people like myself with 4c type natural hair, taking care of the hair has become a challenge.

    Hair is becoming drier and needs extra moisture to avoid the damage that the harsh winds can cause. I’ve had to change my routine so that my hair remains healthy during winter.

    The best thing to do is start your hair care routine early in the morning so that by the time you step outside, your hair is protected from the weather.

    We caught up with Sonto Pooe, founder of Nativechild, to give us her tips on how to take care of your natural hair this winter since she is a natural hair expert.

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    Wash day

    It is no secret that winter tends to be hard on hair. The cold, dry air can dehydrate your hair, making it more prone to breakage.

    That is why wash day must start with a moisturising shampoo, followed by deep conditioning. Also, limit the number of times you wash your hair. Washing your hair once a month should be fine, you’ll co-wash it in between.

    Moisturise properly

    This step is essential as it requires you to follow the correct method. Before applying any oils, make sure your hair is fully hydrated.

    You can hydrate your hair using a spritz of water or a hydrating mist. Follow with a liquid cream oil or liquid oil. Such will help keep your hair moisturised for longer.

    Product application

    How you apply products to your hair is paramount. Be sure to section your hair and apply oils from the scalp, making it easy for the product to be evenly distributed. Don’t forget to do regular massages to circulate blood.

    Protective styles

    Winter is the best season to try out protective styles. The best are the ones that require no extensions like plaits.

    Cornrows and flat twists are great, especially for those who like wearing wigs. Just make sure you moisturise your cornrows before putting on that wig. There you have it, four tips that should be part of your hair care routine.

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