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    Fans defend DJ Zinhle after trolls come for her looks

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    It’s funny how unrealistic beauty standards have made people believe that celebrities should look the same with and without make-up.

    Make-up is a beauty enhancement, so it shouldn’t shock you when you see a famous person with a bare face. Just like you, they are still human and don’t wear make-up all the time.

    It seems like DJ Zinhle is not catching a break this week from social media trolls. If it’s not them getting worked up at her for posting her baby daddies (one of which is her ex) on Father’s Day, then they are coming for her looks.

    Pictures of her without wearing make-up have been circulating on social media, with some Twitter users claiming she is ugly.

    But the truth is, she is far from being ugly. It’s just that Twitter trolls are used to hiding behind the screen, using their fingers to spew nonsense – projecting their insecurities on others.

    Just because you’re not used to seeing someone without makeup, doesn’t make them ugly without it.

    And fortunately for Zinhle, she has beautiful skin. Some people don’t have that luxury and often use makeup to hide their skin conditions like acne, so imagine how they feel when they see someone with dewy skin being called ugly? That crushes their self-esteem.

    As a society, we have a responsibility to teach ourselves kindness. Just because a person does not meet your beauty standards, does not give you the right to be mean to them. Keep your mean comment to yourself and let them be.

    And while the troll thought he had allies behind him, people came for him, defending the “Umlilo” hitmaker.

    And while they were busy discussing her on Twitter, the mother of two was making boss moves, securing the bag. She opened a new Era by DJ Zinhle store at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.

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