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    21 Best Push-Up Bras: Padded Bras That Lift And Support

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    The best push-up bras are the perfect tool to put a little bit of oomf into an outfit. Don’t get us wrong, our wireless bra collection and sleep bra line-up will always have a place in our hearts (and top drawers) – they’ve served us well over the past few years of WFH, but shopping for a push-up bra is top of our to-do list now that social events are filling up our calendars.

    If you personally prefer a bit of a lift and extra padding (especially on nights out), finding a bra that does all of the above can be quite the task. Push-up bras provide that little bit of extra confidence for those who feel they require it so, if that’s you, you’ll probably be looking for the best ones to invest in.

    While someone with small boobs may not require as much support as someone with DD-cup breasts (we’ve found the best bras for bigger boobs here), a push-up bra is still an absolute must-have for everyone.

    Forget what you thought you already knew: push-up bras are for everyone, and they needn’t be uncomfortable. Instead, comfort and lift are now synonymous with style and sex-appeal, allowing you to achieve the boost you desire without having your blood circulation cut off. Phew!

    What is the best push-up bra for cleavage?

    This won’t come as a surprise to anyone (we hope), but not everyone’s boobs are the same so it depends on your shape. Some people’s breasts sit front and centre while others are further apart. Those of you with a larger gap between your boobs should look to push-up bras with a gap between the cups (i.e. balcony or balconette style), and those with a closer cleavage should opt for bras with cups that touch (like plunge bras). This is to ensure that the bra actually sits over your breasts and provides support to your tissue, as well as giving you a helping hand in the lifting department.

    Is wearing a push-up bra bad for you?

    Wearing a push-up bra is not bad for you – provided you’re wearing the correct size. This is crucial. If you wear a bra that’s too small for you (push-up or not) you’ll find you get uncomfortable quite quickly and that your breast tissue is spilling out or being cut into by the wires. If you wear a bra that’s too big for you then you won’t receive the correct support you need and you’ll find that your tissue will start to sag.

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    Without further ado, here are the best push-up bras for a range of shapes and sizes.


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