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    Drag Race UK’s Cheryl Hole and Blu Hydrangea Try GLAMOUR’s Bestie Test

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    A sweet and fabulous friendship has formed amid a series of fierce lip-sync battles and jaw-dropping dance-offs on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

    Cheryl Hole may have sent Blu Hydrangea packing after expertly singing the words Cheryl Cole’s Call My Name (in front of the Girls Aloud singer herself!) back in 2019 – but the connection they formed on the series outlasted the competition. “My first impression of Cheryl was that she was obsessed with me,”  Blu comically tells GLAMOUR UK.

    On a serious note, Cheryl explains that their bond stemmed from “wanting someone to cling to” and knowing they “had each other” during filming.

    “We really did that episode for episode until you sent me packing,” Blue hilariously interjects, which if anything, highlights the dynamic of their friendship. All fun, laughter and games, but when it comes to the professional side, it’s every Drag Queen for themselves – and a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone!

    Following Blu’s boot from Drag Race UK, they had no hard feelings for Cheryl and even went on to praise her amid fan backlash. The newfound friends went on to join forces for an epic sold-out tour, The Hole Hydrangea Tour, which entertained audiences the length and breadth of the nation from November last year to April this year.

    And fans couldn’t get enough as they reunited for RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World, where Blu proved that never giving up was the way forward as they claimed victory over her competitors, including Cheryl.

    But there was still no animosity as Chery and Blue sat down to test their friendship with the GLAMOUR Bestie Tag. Can they guess each biggest pet peeve, celebrity crush, or what they would be doing in their lives if they weren’t in entertainment? GLAMOUR puts them to the test! 


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