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    Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson ‘inject their pimples together’ as part of their ‘bonding’ routine

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    Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are Hollywood’s zit couple. No literally!

    Hot on the heels of the release of her new beauty brand Skkn, The Kardashians star Kim has revealed that her favourite way to “bond” with her boyfriend Pete Davidson is by “injecting our pimples together”. Come again?

    In a new interview on The Tonight Show, the businesswoman, who is now over long nails, explained the importance of skincare in her everyday life and how it’s also a massive cornerstone of her relationship with the former SNL star, 28.

    “We go to dermatologists together, we inject our pimples together at the same time,” Kim, 41, told host Jimmy Fallon. “The dermatologist is like, ‘Is this contagious? You guys always have pimples at the same time.”


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    Pete has actually spoken out about his skincare routine in the past, admitting that he takes “extra-special care” of his complexion because it was “insanely bad” due to his Crohn’s Disease diagnosis.

    So, it’s no surprise that Pete’s desire to keep his skin in tip-top shape and Kim’s dedication to looking her best brought them closer together.

    In fact, Kim confessed that it’s the funnyman himself who ensures she stays on top of her skincare game.

    Speaking recently on the Today show, the mother of four recalled: “I knew it was special when I fell asleep, and I kept talking about it all night like, ‘Oh my god, I have this pimple, I have this pimple, don’t let me fall asleep, I have to put pimple medicine on it before I go to sleep.”

    “Fell asleep, forgot, woke up in the morning with dried pimple medicine on my face. He put it on in my sleep.”

    Spot on, Pete! How sweet?!

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    This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

    It certainly looks like Kim and Pete’s romance has been going from strength to strength since they first got together after meeting on Saturday Night Live in October last year.

    Certainly makes a change from her tumultuous marriage with rapper Kanye West, with who she shares her adorable brood of four. 

    Nonetheless, while we are so pleased that Kim is happier than ever, we could think of a million other ways to “bond” with our partners than injecting our spots together. But each to their own!


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