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    Mental fatigue in children is a cause for concern but there are natural ways to boost children’s brains

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    It is estimated that only 10% of children and adolescents needing mental health treatment are able to access it.

    Mental health problems are the leading cause of illness and disability in children and adolescents, and 50-80 % mental health disorders actually start in childhood, affecting physical and mental health, increasing the risk of substance abuse, and limiting educational and employment opportunities.

    As a result, it is estimated that only 10% of children and adolescents needing mental health treatment are able to access it.

    Mental fatigue is an all too common feeling these days. It is a state of tiredness that sets in when your brain’s energy levels are depleted.

    It’s not just the South African winter blues, kids worldwide have felt the stresses and strains of the upheaval of the global pandemic, which didn’t just end up disrupting school calendars but is believed to have hampered children and teens’ normal development, says Michele Carelse, CEO of Feelgood Health.

    Restlessness, poor concentration and focus at school may be caused by anxiety or depression. There has been a dramatic increase in depression and anxiety in kids under 17 years of age in recent years that is increasingly being referred to as a global “youth mental health crisis.”

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    According to Carelse, whether or not your child has received a diagnosis of neurodiversity, there are natural steps parents can take to help their child improve concentration and focus.

    “More and more families are looking for safe and holistic solutions to help support their children’s mental wellbeing. They want options that nourish the brain, calm emotions, improve concentration and help children focus naturally”.

    She says medicinal herbs, such as Ginkgo Biloba, among others, have proven capabilities in this regard. Ginkgo is used as a herbal remedy to treat many conditions. It is best known as a treatment for dementia and fatigue, among other conditions, depression and anxiety.

    The former clinical psychologist firmly believes that lifestyle techniques can also be used to build resilience in children and help them perform better.

    She advises the following strategies for navigating mental health issues:

    Embrace a healthy family diet

    Reducing sugar intake, avoiding food additives, rather focus on fresh. A good intake of Omega-3 fatty acids from foods such as avocado, tuna, nuts and olive oil, as well as a variety of vegetables and fruit that provide a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

    “You can’t underestimate the importance of healthy eating when it comes to children’s brain development and brain power.”

    Get physically active

    Studies have shown that outdoor exercise, whether it’s organized sports or leisurely walks and bike rides, helps children and adults reduce their anxiety, regulate their emotions and release stress.

    Ensure you find a few minutes every day for physical activity both during the weekdays and the weekends. A family outing also builds bonds, improves emotional well-being and enhances resilience.

    Limit screen time

    With so much time spent online and so much entertainment easily available on-screen, our children need breaks every day from their devices. Set screen limits for the whole family and stick to them.

    Implement sleep hygiene

    Researchers have found that children today are not getting enough quality sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to difficulties concentrating and focusing, as well as feeling moody, anxious, or depressed.

    Make sure your children do not have access to devices and screens in their bedrooms; find a bedtime routine that works for everyone and ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

    Find support in natural remedies

    Using a holistic approach to your family’s health can support improved concentration, focus, and a calming outlook in your children. Unlike synthetic remedies that can be harmful to the body and produce unwanted side effects, natural remedies are safe and effective. For example, Focus & Calm contains herbal ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba, and BrightSpark contains 100 % homoeopathic ingredients.

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