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    Kendrick Lamar's Glastonbury Tiffany & Co. crown made of more than 8 000 diamonds

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    Kendrick Lamar’s Glastonbury crown was made from more than 8 000 diamonds.

    The silver crown of thorns was hand-crafted over a period of almost a year, by Tiffany and Co., and took 1 300 hours to set.

    Alongside official images of the accessory worn by the hip-hop legend, when he headlined the Pyramid Stage at the world-famous festival at the weekend, Tiffany’s creative director Ruba Abu-Nimah wrote on Instagram: “Handcrafted by four artisans over the span of 10 months, and a total of 1 300 hours setting the thousands of diamonds, Tiffany’s expert craftspeople brought the @kendricklamar crown to life from 16 individual pieces that were assembled to form the final design. #Glastonbury2022 #TiffanyAndCo.”

    Kendrick closed Glastonbury 2022 with a powerful plea for women’s rights.

    The 35-year-old rapper gave a poignant performance of “Savior” and, before he left the stage, he addressed the Supreme Court’s recent overturning of landmark ruling Roe v Wade, which is expected to see at least 20 states restrict or make abortion illegal.

    Wearing the crown, he repeatedly chanted: “They judge you, they judged Christ. Godspeed for women’s rights.”

    Earlier in his set – which opened with an instrumental interlude from “Savior” before he launched into “United in Grief” – Kendrick admitted it “meant a lot” to him to perform at the legendary festival.

    After performing “Love”, he said: “On behalf of me and my team, I want to thank every individual out here tonight. I consider y’all family, this sh*t is special, it means a lot to me.

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    “I look out into the crowd and I see different creeds, different colours.

    “I wear this crown. They judged Christ. They judge you, they judged Christ. We gonna continue to walk in his image.”

    The “Alright” singer was backed by dancers throughout his set, with the men echoing his own outfit of black trousers and white shirt, and the women in flowing red dresses.

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