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    Elevate your mood with dopamine dressing

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    The weather might be gloomy but there’s no reason for you to be too. Brighten both your mood and your style with a few styling tips from StyleMode.

    Dopamine dressing, you ask? This is a form of expression based on a combination of really dope outfits and some cool colours. This new fashion trend is the perfect way to lift your mood post pandemic. As we all know, art imitates life, and when you dress in bright, uplifting colours, does it not suddenly feel as if you can take on the world with just ONE outfit?

    Here are a few tips on how to add some colour to your life with the “Dopamine” range from StyleMode. It’s simple, add some colour to your life and everything will be A-okay.

    The brand has provided a few ideas on how you could style some cool colours and add a little tenderness to your day.

    Serotonin vibes

    Ease into it .. start out with something simple, adding some smiley’s to the fit always makes for an instant cool kid vibe. ‘I Saw It First’ has a Jumper and Button Up Cardigan for a easy day at the office, while still allowing you to bring your cool kid game.

    Straight chillin’

    Colour blocking is the new peanut butter and jam, it just gels together perfectly. Start the fit off with something blue, similar to an Oversized Longline Heart Print or a Chunky Raglan Sleeve Jersey paired with a really funky coloured bottom, such as LaMode’s Sorbet Pink Lounge Pants or some cute Miss Mode Pink Sweat Shorts for when the sun comes out to play.

    Vibrant aesthetics for a night out ..

    As long as it makes sense to you and makes you feel great, nothing else matters. Make a fashion statement in LaMode’s Fuchsia Satin Shirt which could be worn both up and down, and match it with a blue, Nikki Sandal.

    When the sun is up, your mood should be up too, and if your mood is not up, ensure that the colours you wear give you the jumpstart you need. Switch it up with a simple Tangerine Red and a really cool green Threedee Stiletto Court.

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