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    Kate Hudson’s Brother Responds To Topless Instagram Photo

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    We’re always saying that celebs are just normal people, like us – just with sprawling mansions, a mega glam team and a wardrobe full of designer labels – and Kate Hudson’s recent Instagram activity proves our point. The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days actor proved that not even A-listers are above a good, old-fashion thirst trap, as she posted a topless photo of herself enjoying a cup of coffee to Instagram. 

    Captioning the picture “🌞’s out ☕️☕️☕️,” Hudson’s long blonde locks are strategically covering her nipples and some pretty impressive abs can be seen peaking out the top of a pair of high-waisted black underwear.

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    Unsurprisingly, the star’s fan have gone wild for the sultry selfie, with the photo racking up almost half a million likes and over 6,000 comments. “I must recreate this 😍😍😍😍 Icon,” wrote one follower, while another added: “f I looked like this, I would literally go anywhere and everywhere wearing this and only this. #katehudsondamngirl ❤️🔥😍.”

    “YESSS Kate – my boobs have never looked this good, and I’m 26,” a third commented. 

    However, there was one follower who wasn’t as enamoured by the photo, and that was Kate’s brother, Oliver Hudson. An actor himself, it seems that the elder Hudson wasn’t a big fan of seeing his sister topless as he scrolled through the photo sharing app – although, in fairness, we can’t imagine an older brother who would be. 

    His dislike of the photo was clear by his short, to-the-point and quite frankly hilarious response: “nope..”

    And fans were quick to pick up on the typical sibling response, reacting to it in the comment section. “@theoliverhudson perfect sibling response!😂😅😂 @katehudson is cracking up!😂,” wrote one. 

    “@theoliverhudson this might be the most brother response ever,” added another, while a third said: “I showed this to my brother and he said he would say the exact same. Love seeing that celebs still have normal sibling relationships, your sibling is always the person who is going to keep you grounded!”

    However, topless photos aside, the pair are incredibly close, and have both spoken about supporting each other through tough times in the past and their strong sibling bond giving them the confidence to really go after their dreams, in their careers and otherwise – and their connection is reflected in their children too. 


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