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    After sex clip post, SK Khoza joins OnlyFans but many are questioning his state of mind

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    Local actor SK Khoza had the whole of Mzansi talking this week when a video clip of himself and an unknown woman surfaced on social media.

    The clip shows him performing a sexual act, but it appears that he knew he was being recorded while looking directly into the camera.

    ‘The Queen’ star is no stranger to controversy, and yet his latest antics had many questioning why he would go to such extremes.

    But that’s not the end of it.

    Not long after the sex clip emerged, Khoza, real name Sthembiso Khoza, took to Twitter to share with his fans that he’s joined OnlyFans – a subscription-based platform promoting content of a racier kind.

    Whether he is out to make money from similar content or doing it for social media clout remains to be seen.

    One person that is concerned for his emotional wellbeing is his brother, fellow actor Abdul Khoza, who messaged him after announcing his OnlyFans account, begging him to call him.

    Fans, too, are concerned about Khoza and voiced these concerns on social media.

    “The Shaka part in the Queen has messed up this guy,” commented one person, with another responding, “Life imitating art.”

    One person even suggested there was something paranormal about the events unfolding in the video, saying, “That video makes sense now. But why does he look like he’s possessed by demons on the vid?”

    Not all came out in support of Abdul.

    One tweep added: “SK khoza is ruining his acting career.

    “Not effortlessly, he is definitely putting in A LOT OF EFFORT in making sure ut ends.

    “This guy is forever trending for all the wrong reasons he keeps embarrassing Abdul and the rest of his family.”

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