REVIEWED: Nintendo Switch – a load shedding boredom killer


Gaming consoles can be huge fun for fans and even non-fans, especially when the lights go out.

However, game developer and console manufacturer Nintendo has the answer for you to continue gaming to fit anyone’s schedule and during any load shedding stage.

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Meet the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese electronics maker’s very own console that is versatile enough to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

The Switch simplifies gaming and, despite its inability, on the specs sheet, to compete with more expensive gaming consoles, holds its weight strongly through its innovation.

At first glance, the Switch appears to be a regular portable, hand-held gaming console with a larger screen than most – but slot the unit in its dock connected to your TV and switch to gaming in full-screen mode.

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The console features controls on either side, when undocked, that can be detached into two remotes for two players – hence its usefulness during load shedding.

When the power is on, the Switch functions like a regular console when connected to a TV. Detaching the controls when docked gives two users their own controllers to play on the console.

One of the drawbacks of the Switch is that it does not offer the same wide range of games that fans are used to from consoles like the newest PlayStation or Xbox.

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Despite this, many game developers have produced new titles for the Switch, and while they might not necessarily be the titles offered by other popular consoles, they come up pretty close.

On the plus side, however, one of the Switch’s unique factors is that it offers gaming differently from other consoles.

While many consoles function just by punching in buttons on a control, when each of the Switch’s remotes is detached, many games force the player to get up and move.

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One example is that Nintendo recently offered IOL the opportunity to review its latest console, alongside the Nintendo Switch Sports game, produced exclusively for the Switch.

In the game, one to up to eight players can play a sport simultaneously, sometimes by sharing just the two detachable remotes.

Once opening the game, players can select from sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis and Badminton, among others.

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Sports available on the game, like Volleyball and Bowling, require the user to imitate what would naturally be the same motions used during a traditional match, such as holding the remote toward the chest before swinging it, as one would do if they were in a physical bowling alley.

Tennis and Badminton, of course, require the same motions needed when swinging a racket. In contrast, Volleyball requires users to clutch the remote with both hands when hitting the ball back to opponents while in the game.

The Nintendo Switch offers uninterrupted fun during load shedding, and while other consoles may have more popular titles, the Switch holds its own with old-school favourites like Pokemon and Mario Brothers.

In conclusion, unless they’re gaming on this console for several years and prefer it over others, gamers used to PC, PlayStation, or even Xbox might not get the same satisfaction by gaming on the Switch.

However, for kids, the rest of the family and the two hours to kill during Stage 2 of load shedding, the Nintendo Switch will happily see you through.

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