‘You Will Be Proud Of A Yahoo Boy’ – Young Lady Reveals Why She Will Choose A Yahoo Boy Over Regular Working Class (VIDEO)


A young Nigerian woman claimed that she preferred dating Yahoo Boy, an online con artist, over dating a working-class man.

She claimed that a man with a regular job would probably ask her what she needed the N50k for, but the Yahoo boy would be happy to give it to her.

The attractive woman claimed that although the person from the working class could finally accede to her requests, he would send N20,000 in its place.

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She claimed that the manner the con artist treats a woman would make her proud of him.

Furthermore, she compared dating a yahoo boy to using an iPhone 12 as opposed to dating a man who works a 9–5 job to using an android phone.

Watch the video below;


Short Painter wrote; A man said… When girls are in der 20s dey choose who they want to marry… Because they cant marry a normal guy but a yahoo boy and a yahoo boy is no ready for marriage… When dey get to 35 they’ll marry anybody dey see 😂😂😂😂

Alaye had this to say: But why is everyone condemning her. She is saying the truth. If u ask 10 girls 9 will say this. But they will come to twitter to form woke. That Yahoo thing is ruining this country

Event Decorator commented; So a 20 year old lady who was still seeking for admission was asked to come and work in a shop as an agent, she asked how much the pay is,she was told 20k.She said,she can’t do it cos that’s what her boyfriend gives her weekly.
The boyfriend:Ibadan poly student..
Ah! Wàhálà tí wa

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