“Carry Your Blood Money And Go” – Pastor Ibiyeomie Tackles Yahoo Boys


Salvation Ministry’s Head Pastor David Ibiyeomie has prevented online con artists known as “Yahoo lads” from sending tithes and offerings to the church.

The preacher denounced the threat of cybercrime in Nigeria, which is purportedly followed by a “blood ritual,” when preaching on Sunday.

His decree comes a few months after he cursed the nation’s Yahoo boys, warning that they would have an accident as a result of their actions, which caused some people to pass away after being defrauded of all their retirement benefits.

Pastor Ibiyeomie had also cursed the police officers who had freed the Yahoo boys after arresting them after receiving money from them.

Carry your blood money and get out, it is not good, If it’s that kind of money you have, carry and go to another church. This church will be rich. You think God cannot supply? Or you think it’s your wicked blood money, carry and go, we don’t want it here.. Money that you kill people you want to pay tithe here..; Pastor Ibiyeomi passed the message in a video.



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