Huawei's launches latest entry-level phone with the longest battery life – the Huawei nova Y70


Huawei has today announced the launch of the Huawei nova Y70, its latest entry-level phone with the longest battery life. The smartphone comes with a 6000mAh battery, 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge, a stunning display and a great set of cameras. The best part is that the Huawei nova Y70 lets you have all these features for an attractive price.

A reliable battery for uninterrupted performance

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The Huawei nova Y70 comes with a large 6000mAh battery that can power the phone for 3 days on a single full charge. Moreover, the 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge allows for fast and reliable charging. As a result, you can get three hours of continuous video playback on a ten-minute charge.

Huawei’s launches latest entry-level phone with the longest battery life – the Huawei nova Y70

A captivating 6.75-inch Huawei FullView Display

The large 6.75-inch Huawei FullView Display on the Huawei nova Y70 is great for displaying content in its full glory. The high screen to body ratio of 90.26% takes the visual experience up a notch. The FullView Display makes everything captivating and helps you focus on the content. Moreover, the design of the display itself is sleek and simple, with a narrow notch, to make the most of your mobile screen.

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Exceptional camera quality

The cameras on the Huawei nova Y70 enable you to take exceptional pictures for your social media platforms. The AI Triple Camera on the phone is equipped with a 48MP High-res Main Camera, a 120° 5MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera and a 2MP Depth Camera.

The Main Camera brings in more light when taking pictures, which results in better quality photos. You can also fit in more content into the frame, so that you can easily incorporate your entire group of friends or a wide landscape in a single shot. The Depth Camera helps create the bokeh effect, which blurs the background to keep the focus on the subject of the photo.

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Huawei’s self-developed AI Beauty algorithm can apply a natural beautifying effect to your selfies. The algorithm tailors the 3D beautification effect according to your age and gender, to make your skin look flawless. It also helps improve the quality of the photo by sharpening the image and reducing digital noise. All of these features allow you to produce pictures of yourself, those around you and your adventures.

Access essential apps

The trusted, innovative, user-friendly and secure AppGallery, is available on the Huawei nova Y70, where users can easily navigate, explore, find and download a wide range of high-quality apps. You can find apps that you can use in your daily life, such as banking, games, news, online shopping, video streaming, including all the social media networking apps

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If you are looking for a smartphone that checks all the boxes but doesn’t break the bank in 2022, then go for the Huawei nova Y70. The Huawei nova Y70 combines many attractive features in a single device including super long battery life with fast charging, large and immersive display and an impressive camera.

Get the Huawei nova Y70 today and enjoy the super battery, supercharge, super screen and super camera. Visit the Huawei online store and get the Huawei nova Y70 for R3 999 and receive a Huawei Bluetooth headset valued at R699 each, from 1 August to 31 October 2022, limited stock available, the entry-level phone that offers you the best of both worlds, exceptional performance at an inexpensive cost.

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