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177 Illegal immigrants students removed from school in Ekurhuleni by Operation Dudula. See why.

177 Illegal immigrants students removed from school in Ekurhuleni. See why.

The immigration crisis of South Africa has gotten out of hand. South Africans want foreign nationals gone as they believe that they adversely affect the South Affican systems such as schools and education. Operation Dudula is one of the movements that have been spearheading the fight against foreign nationals and they are not leaving any stone unturned.

Operation Dudula has removed 177 illegal foreigner students in one school in Ekurhuleni. This happens after the schools in Ekurhuleni have been affected by overcrowding and other South Africans not being able to find schools to enrol in. ” Operation Dudula has removed 177 illegal foreign students at Lekamoso Secondary School, Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, after South African children could not be placed in schools due to illegal foreign students occupying space in schools”.

The issue of illegal immigrants students in government schools has been brewing for a while now. Some schools in Ekurhuleni had decided to close down until further notice as there had been an overcrowding and pressure from groups such as Operation Dudula to remove illegal immigrants students from the schools.

People reacted to the actions taken by Operation Dudula and some thanked them. One person said ” While I agree in Principal. You are still dealing with children so I hope you did not forcefully remove them and traumatize them”.

It is saddening to think that such students had to be expelled from school, however, the blame should’ve also been put on the government and the school for not regulating the students that are enrolled in schools. South African students should have been put first.

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