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2022 KCSE Minimum Points To Get Government Sponsorship at The University and Grading System

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations for the year 2022 were done between 2nd December 2022 and 23rd December 2022, marking of the exams began this year of 2nd January 2023 and so far the marking process has been concluded.

The general grading system for the exams has been the same over the years in that only seven subjects per student are graded. It is mandatory that Mathematics, English and Kiswahili are graded, two sciences are graded that is Chemistry, Biology and Physics whereby in the case a learner has done all the three sciences, the two best performed subjects are graded.

Two humanities are graded in the chance a student has not done any technical subject but if he or she has done and performed well than the humanity subject, it is graded in that one humanity subject and technical subject are graded.

The highest points a learner can score in a specific subject are 12 which is grade A(plain) while the least is one point which is grade E.

Below is the complete grading system;

Minimum University Entry Grade

In the last five or so years, KCSE candidates who have scored a C+ of 46 points and above have been admitted to universities under the government sponsorship thus for the 2022 KCSE candidates we also expect the same entry grade.

Thank you.

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