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“2023 Hakuna Vile Nastick Na The Same Weight” Milly Chebby To Undergo A Weight Loss Surgery

Although weight loss surgeries are often kept secret because of the stigma that surrounds obesity, some celebrities have been public about their decision to undergo weight loss surgery for health issues related to excess body weight. Complications heart attack and diabetes are among reasons these celebrities cited for their decision to pursue surgery.

On her YouTube channel dubbed ‘Milly Chebby ‘ which has over three hundred and thirty one thousand subscribers, Milly Chebby wife of comedian Terence Creative shared her new year resolutions with her subscribers.

She was open and honest to disclose that one of her new year resolutions is to loss weight. Milly revealed that she has tried all ways running and dieting but still it never worked hence she has opted to do a weight loss surgery this year.

“I want to loose weight. I really want to loose weight even if it means going for surgery I will go. Even if it means going for a procedure I will go. 2023 hakuna vile nastick na the same weight. Not like it’s bothering me but, I have been running, I have been doing portion control but kwetu mwili yetu inakuanga hivi.

There’s nothing by the way I have not done so I have opted the other way. I already decided it’s just the dates. Once I get the dates right, I will definitely share with you guys here. So weight loss is my number four resolution.”

However celebrity weight loss surgery is on the rise in Kenya. Some celebrities like Actress Jackie Matubia, Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu and Kate Actress have been candid about their weight loss surgery and honestly shared their journey with the public. They have undergone bariatric surgeries like gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Would you opt for a weight loss surgery? Leave a comment on the comment section below.

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