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Analyst Alleges New Mt. Kenya Kingpin Who Will Follow Uhuru’s Footsteps Other Than DP Gachagua

Political analyst Abuga Makori identified Hon. Martha Karua, a former vice presidential candidate for Azimio, as the potential and actual Mount Kenya kingpin. 

According to Mr. Makori, the NARC party leader surpasses Rigathi Gachagua in a number of ways to earn the title of Mount Kenya Kingpin. Makori contends that Rigathi Gachagua lacks inspiration and is hence unable to stake a claim to the Mount Kenya region. In light of the fact that Martha Karua will fulfill the hopes and wishes of the late Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, he therefore advised the Mount Kenya region to begin investing in her.

Abuga Makori tweeted, “Martha Karua is the Mt Kenya kingpin whether you like it or not. Rigathi Gachagua does not inspire, CANNOT bargain for Mt Kenya region.”

He added, “Mt. Kenya should now start investing in the principled Martha Karua. She will restore the hope and desires that President Uhuru Kenyatta had for his people. Time for Kikuyus to think.”


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