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Benue Guber Race: You Know Those Who Mock Titus Uba – Prof Pita Agbese Replies Terrence Kuanum

This will be my last response to you. It does not give me pleasure to engage those like you who don plumages of empty suits in order to hide their sickening and woeful ignorance. The fact that you could not educate yourself on the processes of how one becomes a professor in a US university, instead, claiming with unbelievable ignorance, that graduate assistants are called professors in the United States, disqualifies you from engaging in any public discourse with me. 

You also claimed to have “surfed” the Internet and libraries in Nigeria and found no publications to my name. It must be the type of Internet that Ortom uses to manufacture all his mendacities.

The scope of that Internet does not extend beyond the shade of mango trees in Makurdi that serves as offices for Ortom’s pochoists, who are dubbed in an Orwellian fashion, as his “special assistants.” Governors dedicated to the well-being of the citizens of their states employ those who build infrastructure. Ortom, being so wickedly empty, can only employ soulless people who defend his awful leadership. Then, there are mercenaries who, for a mere pottage, are hired from outside the administration to sing happy lullabies to Ortom. You are free to choose the category to which you belong. 

On your false charge that I mock Uba’s illness, here is my response. It is the PDP which denied that Uba was sick in the first place, which “mocks a man who fell sick.” Not me. It is those who want to use Uba, even at the cost of Uba’s own well-being, for their nefarious and diabolical purposes who “mock a man who fell sick.” Not me. It is those who rate Uba’s intellects so low that they cannot trust him to speak to Benue on his own without using Ortom as a crutch who should be pilloried for “mocking a man who fell sick.”

It is those who know that Uba is a Speaker who has no vocabulary to speak, yet insists that he must be Benue’s governor who not only mock Uba, but the entire state for whom you should direct your umbrage. If you are looking for mockers of a sick man, turn your gaze to Ortom Adorogo and Bemgba Iyortyom. Ask Bemgba why he lied that Uba, who was so sick that no hospital in Benue could treat him, was in a “state of good health.”

Ask Uba why he had to be “subjected” to a treatment. Does that not give you hives and goosebumps? Doesn’t that word, “subjected,” as used by Uba remind you of patients at Aro Psychiatrist Hospital, Abeokuta? Ask those who are using Uba why they still have not told us the truth about the nature of the illness that has afflicted Uba. Ask Uba himself why he failed, as the third highest public official in Benue, from building a hospital that could have treated him of his undisclosed ailment. Ask yourself why Ortom who has no energy or an inclination to do anything, not even for paying salaries, has enough energy and a zeal to prop up a sick man to lead Benue.

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