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Biggie Shocks Housemates With Unexpected Twist »

How Biggie suddenly carried out an unexpected twist on housemates in the BBTitans Season 1 Reality TV Show. He shocked everyone right after they completed the first Wager.

The housemates heard the usual Big Brother announcement only to see that it was nothing that they had in mind, but the introduction of another housemate from South Africa.

Biggie suddenly brought another female housemate to the house. Her name is ‘Blue Aiva’ and since her entry, fraternizing commenced immediately with Ebubu, Justin and others.

Blue Aiva as she calls herself, promised to bring the vibes the South African way and has assured going crazy in the house.

On Twitter, BBTitans viewers are already going crazy, as she was spotted with a bra and pants, exposing sensitive parts of her body.

Many tweeted that they are already in love with Blue Aiva and that she’s likely going to kill the boredom in the house since there have been no ‘gbas gbos’ from the commencement of the show.


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