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Can A Lady See Her Man Private Part Before Marriage? — Pastor Ibiyeomie Clarifies

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and general overseer of Salvation Ministries, clarified if a woman can see her man’s private portion before marriage in order to be on the safe side while preaching to his members about relationship issues. After a woman enquired, “Can I see my man’s private area before marriage so that I can be on the safe side?,” he clarified.

Pastor Ibiyeomie responded to the lady by quoting a Bible text that states that a marriage is honorable if the bed is pure. He claimed that seeing the man’s intimate area would induce them to have sexual relations. He said, “You cannot view a man’s organ without wanting to sleep with him.

In addition, the cleric advised the man to tell his spouse if he has any health issues with his private organ so they can decide what to do. “You needn’t see it to understand. How can you simply observe it and believe nothing will occur? Stop lying to yourself “, he said, adding.

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