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Diana’s Reaction After Kabi Wajesus Showed Up For Bahati’s Birthday Party Without His Wife Milly

Speaking of Kenyan celebrities we have Diana Marua and Bahati who are a top celebrity couple. The two have been married for quite a long time now. In their marriage journey they have emerged to be great celebrities that have achieved a lot from social media. Regarding their celebrity life, Diana Marua is a successful creator while her husband is a music artist. They have been flooding the entertainment industry with cute family moments and goals.

Diana and Bahati have also been blessed with four kids that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Malaika. Their babies are still growing as their lastborn baby Malaika is just two months old. The family is currently living a celeb life as they inspire fans on social media.

A few days ago Bahati turned 30 years old and Diana made a grand party for him. The event was attended by popular celebrities that showed up in elegant and bossy styles. Among those invited for the party was the Wajesus family. Kabi Wajesus showed up to represent his family. However his wife Milly wasn’t present, something that left many wondering about her whereabouts.

In response to Kabi Wajesus appearing without Milly, Diana said that it was her first time to see Kabi Wajesus attending events without his wife. She however went ahead and appreciated Kabi for showing up and making the party lit.


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