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Fans React To Samidoh And Josee Gatutura News That The Two Will Share Stage At Quivers Lodge Thika

Fans of Kikuyu mugithi artist Samidoh, have reacted to his post on Instagram after the Kikuyu mugithi artist posted news that they would be sharing stage with his fellow mugithi artist, Josee Gatutura at Quivers Lodge Thika town today.

This news come days after Samidoh was engaged in a crush with fans of another Kikuyu mugithi artist Waithaka Wajane. Fans had been fighting each other defending their mugithi musician brands. Fans of Waithaka Wajane had publicly said that the greatest enemy to the mugithi artist is Samidoh.

However, the online war didn’t affect Samidoh from going on with his shows in the country. Samidoh have announced on his Instagram account that they will share podium with another Kikuyu mugithi artist Josee Gatutura.

The Kikuyu mugithi artist have been having a supremacy battle amongst themselves and this have contributed to the current online debate.

However Samidoh have continued to share podium with other mugithi artist without any issue.


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