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Five Things You Use Everyday In Your House That Can Cause Cancer

While you might not be aware of it, a few household products that you use on a daily basis have the potential to give you or cause you cancer. Some of the items and ways to safeguard yourself and your family are listed below.

1. Your Cleaning Supplies

A well-known carcinogen, formaldehyde can be found in a range of household products, food, cosmetics, carpet cleaners, paint, foam insulation, and permanent press fabrics. Formaldehyde can also be ingested through the smoke of open fireplaces and gas ranges.

Make sure you are not using any cleaning products that contain formaldehyde by carefully selecting them and reading their labels. Also, make careful to ventilate the places where you cook.

2. Your Clothing

Perchloroethylene, sometimes known as “perc,” is a cancer-causing chemical used in dry cleaning that can accumulate anywhere your dry-cleaned clothing is kept. Additionally, it can be found in wood cleaners, shoe polish, and spot removers.

When cleaning wood or polishing your shoes, you can protect yourself by using gloves. Try to find a dry cleaner who doesn’t use perc if you dry clean your clothes.

3. Your mini blinds and vinyl flooring

Phthalates are thought to contribute to the development of cancer and may harm human fertility or development. They are present in PVC vinyl products such as wallpaper, vinyl flooring, shower curtains, faux leather, miniblinds, and synthetic leather. Food that has been packaged in plastic also contains them.

Look for products that are marked as phthalate-free to keep yourself safe. Discard any plastic toys produced prior to 2008 and replace them with glass and stainless steel bottles and containers.

4. Your dinner of chicken and rice

Although everyone is aware that arsenic is deadly, it can also cause cancer in little levels. But it can also be discovered in meals like chicken, rice, and some fruit juices, as well as in degreasing agents, colors, furniture wax, glues, lubricants, nylon, and paints.

Only serve organic chicken, and thoroughly wash your rice before cooking it. The labels on your household products should be read carefully; persons who follow a gluten-free diet may be particularly vulnerable to arsenic contamination.

5. Your Insulation

Although asbestos has fallen out of favor as an insulator for many years, older homes may still contain some of it. Asbestos fibers get airborne as the insulation finally deteriorates.

Workers who are exposed to asbestos on the job have a higher risk of carrying it into their homes because asbestos fibers attach to clothing and shoes.

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