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How Top Celebrities Groomed While Gracing Bahati’s Birthday Party (photos)

Among the most famous and trending social media influencers we have the Bahati family. The family is made up of Kevin Bahati, Diana Marua and their four children that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Malaika. The family has been trending online following their great influence in the entertainment industry. As we know, Diana is a known creator while her husband is a music artist. Their children are brand ambassadors for various companies that deal in kid’s accessories.

Just a few days ago Kelvin Bahati turned 30 and Diana welcomed him to third floor through a grand party. The party was an “only invite” event that was attended by popular dignitaries top celebrities.

Diana Marua has finally shared the photos of the event showing different celebrities who graced the event and how they dressed. All invitees wore black outfits while the hosts Diana and Bahati wore red outfits. Among those who showed up we have Kabi Wajesus, Milly Chebby, Terence, Diana’s sister Val and many more.

Check out the photos and drop a comment for them.

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