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“I Am Dating Again But I Am Hiding My Man’s Identity Because I Don’t Want To Be Left” Betty Says

Media personality Betty Kyallo had a phone interview with one of the popular radio stations in Kenya, and she revealed that she is dating again. Betty said that she is not going to reveal the identity of her man, because she doesn’t want to be left. Betty joked that no one will be able to easily know her boyfriend, because he might even be a body guard protecting her.

“This time I’m HIDING HIM like marijuana… It’s 2023… Maybe he’s my bodyguard and you don’t know him… “ Kyallo said jokingly.

The journalist even cheekily joked that she had to keep the man’s identity a secret as she didn’t want to be “left”.

You should know that dating is one of the best experiences that many people always go through, and many of them have led into marriage. You should know that many celebrities in Kenya have been dating, but some of them decided to hide the identity of their partners.

We all know that many celebrities always love to be popular, and they love showing off their partners. Some of the celebrities have decided to keep a low profile, because they doesn’t want a lot of media attention.

They wants to have a private life, so that no one will disturb them. You should know that publicizing your love relationship will come with a lot of challenges, because the media will always be on your backs. They wants to know everything that you are currently doing, and they post your stories online.

Some of the creators will also make false stories about your love life, therefore some celebrities always decide to keep their partners a secret. Betty has learnt a lot of lessons, after she suffered break up a year ago.

She doesn’t want to repeat the kind of mistakes that she did in her previous relationship, because she has started a new year with a new ideas. Betty insisted that she will not reveal the identity of his man, and it will not be easy for anyone to identify her man.

You too can protect your lover from cyber bullying and other online users who will attack your partner, if you keep them private.

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