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I Don’t Like The South Africans That Are Here, All They Do Is To Eat And Sleep – Olivia Says [Video]

The reality show is still ongoing and Olivia was seen having a conversation with her colleague Yvonne. They talked about the differences between the South Africans and Nigerians housemates in Big Brother’s house. According to Olivia, she said that she doesn’t like the South Africans that are in the house because all they do is just to eat and sleep.

Olivia and Yvonne are Nigerians and they seem not to like the South African housemates because they think that all they do in the house is to eat and sleep and that’s that’s why they look lazy. Olivia is an actress and she likes people that are sociable and hardworking, that’s why she see the South Africans lazy.

Yvonne is also a Nigerian and according to her, she said she doesn’t like noise so she sees the South African housemates as noise makers and some of them irritates her. Click here to listen to their conversation. Check out some comments below.

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