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Meet Titus Adungosi, First SONU Student Chair And Leader Who Died In 1988 Torture Chambers

Titus Adungosi died in 1988 as a result of torture. He was the first SONU student.

Titus Adungosi was born in 1956 and was the fifth born in their family.

It is believed that he was consumed by the tumultuous 1982 coup and the KANU-MOI purge of coup sympathizers in its aftermath.

Family members say the family led a good life owing to the fact that their head was good at farming and therefore was able to provide for his family.

After the attempted coup, the government of KANU went round brutally plucking campus students from their classes and hostels and dumping them in Kamiti.

Back to the late Adungosi, he started his primary education in 1965 at Chakol Boys Primary and later joined Butula Boys for his O level education before joining Agoro Sare High School in Oyugis for his A level education.

Student leader Titus Adungosi, popularly known as Tito, has been described by many as a calm, ambitious and Christian student.

Adungosi, whom some have described as Kenya’s Steve Biko, was accused of leading students to demonstrations in support of the rebels.

As a result, he was handed a 10-year jail term on September 24, 1982. But just two months before his release, in December 1988, Adungosi died in mysterious circumstances.

Among this was a unique figure, David Thumbi, a UON first year medical student who out of confusion and shock of the new campus life hanged himself to death as soon as president Moi spared him and other innocent campus minds.

Adungosi was a third-year student of architecture at the University of Nairobi and Sonu chairman in 1982 when rebels of the Kenya Air Force launched a failed coup to topple the Moi regime.

He was the first SONU chair. Adungosi’s father the late Mzee Longinus Adungosi had three wives with a total of twenty children.

His father was a farmer and grew banana which Titus Adungosi’s mother Marciliana Nyabole used to sell to pay their school fees. Apart from raising fee by selling banana she also used to make beer.

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