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MOE Should Postpone Reopening of All Primary Schools To Allow Proper Preparation For JSS ~ Opinion

All schools in Kenya are expected to start reopening on the 23rd of January(Monday) for the first term in the 2023 academic calendar.

It should be remembered that these children have been at home for several weeks since late November last year.

At the same time, this is a year when a transition from primary to Junior Secondary will take place. The grade six learners are expected to join junior secondary schools(JSS) across the country.

However, the Ministry of Education headed by Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu is in the process of approving those primary schools which will be able to have JSS.

Some of the requirements for a primary school to host junior secondary is they should have more than 45 pupils. Another one is that the school should have adequate infrastructure like modern laboratories among many other things.

As of now, many schools have not complied with what is being wanted.

Teachers who will be teaching in Junior Secondary Schools JSS have not been employed so far even though the Teachers Service Commission recruitment exercise has begun. Remember this might take around three weeks.

Therefore, in conclusion, the Ministry of Education should postpone the reopening of all primary schools to give time for these schools to prepare in terms of infrastructures that is classes, laboratories, toilets, and everything pertaining to a conducive learning environment for any child.

Also, the teachers who will be teaching in JSS haven’t been known.

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