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Mysterious People Allegedly Added Ruto Votes From Abroad as Azimio Makes Interesting Claims

It is now being alleged that some of the results added to President William Ruto’s tally in the August presidential poll came from outside Kenya.

This is according to an IEBC insider, who claims to know how Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga was allegedly rigged out.

The whistleblower has since given the Azimio leadership a document showing step by step how Raila’s votes were allegedly stolen and handed to then Kenya Kwanza candidate William Ruto.

The document says that among the strategies used was sending of results from people out of the country, apparently in a bid to top up Ruto’s votes.

Azimio says that according to their source, 1,000 unregistered users whose IDs cannot be confirmed sent result forms from IP addresses outside Kenya.

The whistleblower also suggests that there was some sort of forgery, since some forms never arrived at the IEBC national tallying center in Bomas.

“At the same time, a total of 3,986 forms 34A were never received at the National Tally Centre between August 9th and 29th August 2022,” he says in the document presented by Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni on Wednesday.

The source adds that if the digital registry at the back-office were to be keenly inspected, Kenyans can get know how exactly votes were taken from Raila and added to Ruto, who is now the President.

“Forms recovered contain details on how figures were altered, swapped and deleted from candidate A in favour of Candidate B. By design, the digital registry at the back-office should contain details of whoever provided unauthorised access to third parties,” reads the report.

This comes as an additional vindication for Raila, who has maintained that he won, after four of the seven former IEBC commissioners too suggested that he might have defeated Ruto.

Among the four is Irene Masit, who is yet to resign. The others; Juliana Cherera, Justus Nyangaya and Francis Wanderi have since resigned.

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