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Nabongo Mumia: The Man Who Might Have Been The First Person From Luhya Community To Own A Bicycle

His name was Nabongo Mumia Shiundu .He was born in 1849 in Itokho, Mumias. He was a prince who became 17th King of Wang’s Kingdom in the precolonial Kenya. He later became Paramount chief of an expansive region of Kenya at the beginning of British colonial rule due to his collaboration with them in the country.

He is regarded as the greatest ruler of the Wanga Kingdom for his management of the British colonial transition Nabongo Mumia’s gazetement as a paramount chief in 1913 legitimized his rule as a king of the Wanga people in Western. He was then regazeted leading to the eventual loss of political relevance of the Wanga Kingdom, although Nabongo Mumia remained a powerful and influential figure until his death in 1949 aged 99.

Nabongo Mumia was the first person from Luhya community to own a bicycle which it is believed that he got from his collaboration with the British people.

Source: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/entertainment/counties/article/2001252087/did-you-know-who-the-first-luhya-to-own-a-bicycle-was

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